Big Picture of the Bible - Old Testament

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Have you ever wondered what the Old Testament is all about? Or how the people and books in the Old Testament are connected? Or most importantly, how stories and events that happened thousands of years ago relate to you today?

If so, Big Picture of the Bible - Old Testament is the perfect study for you. This study guide provides a summary of Old Testament stories and events in an easy-to-read bulleted format.

Presented in eight easy lessons, this study guide includes pictures, maps, and charts, all designed to help you better understand the stories and message of the Bible. Bible events are organized in historical sequence so that readers can see the continuity and overall message of the Bible. Emphasis is placed on Old Testament scriptures that refer to God's Plan of Redemption and Salvation so that readers can see how Jesus Christ fulfilled that plan.

Big Picture of the Bible can be used either as an individual or group study. It is not a replacement for reading the Bible, but rather supplements it. Allow God to reveal Himself to You through His Word -The Bible - and experience spiritual growth as you learn the Hebrew names of God, His character, and His love. God invites you to join Him through the Bible to a more personal, intimate relationship with Him.

Big Picture of the Bible - Old Testament Table of Contents





How To Use This Study

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Mankind
  • Summary
  • Section 1: The Creation
  • Section 2: The Fall
  • Section 3: The Flood
  • Section 4: The Tower
  • Section 5: A Man Named Abram
  • Review
Chapter 2: God's Relationship with the Patriarchs
  • Summary
  • Section 1: Abram to Abraham
  • Section 2: Isaac
  • Section 3: Jacob
  • Section 4: Joseph
  • Section 5: Job
  • Review
Chapter 3: Establishing the Nation
  • Summary
  • Section 1: Exile In Egypt
  • Section 2: The Call of Moses
  • Section 3: The Passover Miracle
  • Section 4: Out of Egypt
  • Section 5: The Ten Commandments
  • Review
Chapter 4: Establishing the Law & Worship
  • Summary
  • Section 1: The Tabernacle
  • Section 2: Law & Worship
  • Section 3: Disobedience
  • Section 4: Wandering in the Desert
  • Section 5: Preparing for Canaan
  • Review
Chapter 5: Living in the Promised Land
  • Summary
  • Section 1: Possessing The Land
  • Section 2: Allocating The Land
  • Section 3: The Judges (Part 1)
  • Section 4: The Judges (Part 2)
  • Section 5: Israel's Moral Failures
  • Review
Chapter 6: Establishing the Kingdom
  • Summary
  • Section 1: Ruth
  • Section 2: Samuel
  • Section 3: King Saul
  • Section 4: King David
  • Section 5: King Solomon
  • Review
Chapter 7: The Divided Kingdom
  • Summary
  • Section 1: Division & Early Years
  • Section 2: Idolatry Judged
  • Section 3: Call to Righteousness
  • Section 4: Israel's Final Years
  • Section 5: Judah's Final Years
  • Chapter Review
Chapter 8: Captivity, Exile & Return
  • Summary
  • Section 1: Judah's Captivity & Exile
  • Section 2: The Fall of Babylon
  • Section 3: The Decree to Return
  • Section 4: The Story of Esther
  • Section 5: Restoring & Rebuilding
  • Review

Review Answers

Appendix 1: How We Got the Old Testament

Appendix 2: Organization of the Old Testament

Appendix 3: Timeline of Old Testament Books

Appendix 4: Selecting a Bible

Appendix 5: Comparison of Bible Translations

Appendix 6: Old Testament Summary of Major Events

Appendix 7: Hebrew Names of God

Appendix 8: Old Testament Sacrificial Offerings

Appendix 9: Jewish Holy Days, Feasts, and Festivals

Appendix 10: The Prophets


Big Picture of the Bible - Old Testament Preface

God. Who exactly is God? How can I be certain He exists? What should I know about Him?

Perhaps you're like me, and you've reached a point in life where you've started asking these questions. When I started asking these questions, my mother very wisely advised me to explore the Bible for the answers I sought about God. She told me to read the Bible and "let God speak to me." I was a teenager when I started that journey, and didn't yet have the maturity and wisdom to understand what she meant, but nevertheless I decided to take her advice.

The first time I tried to read the Bible and encountered Jesus on its pages, I had even more questions: Who is Jesus? Can I believe His promise of eternal life? Should I put my faith in Him as my Savior? Since I wanted God to answer my questions, I decided to read the Bible from cover to cover and "let God speak to me" as my mother had suggested.

Despite my ambitious intentions, I didn't quite make it all the way through the Bible, yet God still spoke to my heart and planted a strong desire in me to get to know Him better through the Bible - His Word.

Bible reading became a regular part of my life, but I still didn't understand much of what I was reading. What is it saying? All the different books and stories about so many people and their relationships with God - they just didn't seem to be connected. I reached a crossroads in my Bible-reading journey where I could continue "just reading" or really make a determined effort to better understand God's Word. After investing in several study aids to guide me on my journey, I turned serious about my Bible study. Not so amazingly, the more I studied, the more I understood and saw that books and people are connected. They are sequels of the same story and communicate the same message of God's Plan of Redemption and Salvation for all mankind. This is the message that resonates throughout the pages of both the Old and New Testaments and is the Big Picture of the Bible.

The overall message of the Bible became clear to me after countless hours of reading and study. It is God's Plan of Redemption and Salvation and the books of the Bible fit together like pieces of a puzzle to complete that picture. How wonderful it would be if I could share the rewards of that study with others - to help them see the Big Picture of the Bible. This study is the result of that effort. Please use this as a tool to assist you in your Bible reading - not as a substitute. It's designed to help you better understand the Bible's message. Emphasis is on scriptures that refer to God's Plan of Redemption and Salvation and show how Jesus Christ fulfilled that plan.

My prayer for you is that God will plant in you a strong desire to read His Word more often and more consistently. God wants to speak to you. Allow Him to speak to you through the pages of the Bible.

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"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths."

Proverbs 3:5 - 6 NKJ