Illustrations painted by Rhonda L. Daniels

Ms. Rhonda L. Daniels was raised in a Christian home in East St. Louis, IL. After studying art with the Santa Maria brothers from Grace Church in 1997, Ms. Daniels embarked upon a creative path of study and discovery ... finding her own unique style.

She has studied in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Rome, Nice, Amsterdam and Heidelberg, Germany; and under prominent African-American painters, including Yvonne Pickerling-Carter and Sam Gilliam. Ms. Daniels has received numerous awards for her paintings. She received her degree in Art History from the University of Maryland in Europe. Her work has been exhibited in both the United States and Europe.

You may visit her website at Daniels Christian Art.

Rhonda Daniel's work is copyrighted. Please contact us to purchase prints.

Old Testament

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New Testament

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"Moreover, I have given special skill to all the gifted craftsmen so they can make all the things I have commanded . . ."

Exodus 31:6b NLT